Industrial misting systems

Industrial misting system

Industrial misting systems

Industrial misting systems
Industrial misting systems

The water mist systems Mist & Fog projected water droplets in the atmosphere for different purposes and applications.

This innovative and ecological water mist system, fast and simple to install, does not require high maintenance costs of equipment ensuring reduced operating expenditure with low energy consumption.

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COOLING: Reducing the air temperature by evaporation.

Industrial Cooling

Systems water mist Mist & Fog reduced ambient temperature up to 12 ° C allowing to reach the optimal parameters suitable for each type of industrial activity generating the right level of comfort by eliminating the thermal stress of high temperatures improving productivity and reducing workplace accidents .

Application in all industries with problems of environmental heat.

Animal Cooling

The Mist & Fog water spray systems eliminate thermal stress in animals, promoting their optimal development, reproduction and productivity.

Effective in any type of poultry or livestock farm, spraying water into the environment improves air quality enabling neutralizing dose for eliminating odors, pesticides and disinfectants.

Use in warehouses, farms, corrals, stables, farms …


The water spray systems Mist & Fog reduce the inlet temperature of the cooling air in machines with forced ventilation reducing energy consumption and cost of eliminating the risk of collapse.

Application in direct expansion units, cooling towers …

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Certain industries require precise environmental control of% HR, systems, water mist Mist & Fog allow to reach and maintain the different optimal levels of humidity in industrial and commercial applications avoiding a high concentration of static electricity as well as losses and deterioration in the quality products.

Application control moisture in textile industries, warehouses, cold storage, ripening and curing, product exhibitors outlets fishmongers, greengrocers and butchers, germination areas, nurseries and garden centers …

Textile, prevents the accumulation of static electricity.

Wineries, optimal control humidity, avoiding waste and excesses graduation.

Exhibitors product, Mist & Fog systems promote better food preservation preserving the organoleptic and nutritional qualities with excellent visual appearance and reducing the natural process of degradation of perishable products.

Nurseries and Garden Centers, an optimum temperature and correct humidity level ensures a correct conservation of plants and their proper development.

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Environmental odor removal and disinfection

The water spray system Mist & Fog solves the problems of odor from certain industrial processes by nebulization dosing and masking or neutralizing agents in the environment as well as disinfectants.

Application areas of waste treatment and volatile organic compounds, water purifiers, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, landfills, refineries, farms, barns, farms, slaughterhouses …

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Suppression of airborne dust

The water mist systems Mist & Fog generate a curtain of spray droplets of water in removing airborne dust and fugitive, thus cleaning the air of impurities.

Spraying water at high pressure applied to the industry, allows (after a proper study) reducing airborne dust levels below the legal requirements. The extraordinary results of this application are easily verifiable.

The reduction of airborne dust provides a safe, pleasant and safe working environment which is key to safety and work motivation.

Application quarrying, mining, loading areas, unloading and handling of bulk materials, cement industries, ceramics and food, treatment and storage of aggregates, areas of cutting, grinding and milling, construction and demolition …

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