odour and dust suppression

Odour control and dust suppression

odour and dust suppression
odour and dust suppression



Odors and dust have been, since the beginning of industrialization, one of the major problems in the production process and to have a suitable working conditions in the workplace.

Luckily prevention laws require risk avoid such problems in our industries.

The solutions were difficult and expensive in many cases. With spray systems fan + Fog that has changed .

Environmental odor removal and disinfection

The water spray system Mist & Fog solves the problems of odor from certain industrial processes by chemical dosing and masking or neutralizing agents in the environment as well as disinfectants.

Application areas of waste treatment and volatile organic compounds, water purifiers, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, landfills, refineries, farms, barns, farms, slaughterhouses …

What are natural Neutralizing?

Neutralizing are a natural product derived from fully strata of essential oil and vegetable strata are no perfumes or masking agents are substances that once nebulized about odors, absorb and biodegrade, transforming them into non-odorous waste.

These products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable.They are composed of elements commonly used in the food and cosmetics industries.

Benefits of spray systems applied to water odor removal:

  • Reduced costs relative to other odor control systems.
  • Low energy cost
  • Quick installation considering that systems are available in various solutions or pre-assembled with simple quick couplers.

The spraying system comprises a high pressure pump (70bar) and a line of misting. The released as a fine mist (10 micron diameter), solution remains in the environment by providing direct contact between the odor causing molecules in the air and powdered neutralizing agents.

The result is optimal performance with minimal maintenance, able to atomize droplets evenly to eliminate odors , even in circumstances and complex environments.

Other needs of the industry is the suppression of airborne dust

The water mist systems Mist & Fog generate a curtain of spray droplets of water in removing airborne dust and fugitive, thus cleaning the air of impurities.

Spraying water at high pressure applied to the industry, allows (after a proper study) reducing airborne dust levels below the legal requirements. The extraordinary results of this application are easily verifiable.

The reduction of airborne dust provides a safe, pleasant and safe working environment which is key to safety and work motivation.

Application quarrying, mining, loading areas, unloading and handling of bulk materials, cement industries, ceramics and food, treatment and storage of aggregates, areas of cutting, grinding and milling, construction and demolition …