Natural air conditioning

Natural air conditioning large spaces and large volumes

Natural air conditioning large spaces and large volumes


The air conditioning of large areas requires a lot of investment and high electrical operating costs. In many cases only a small part of these spaces is used, and 20% of space used can account for 80% of cost of air conditioning, so it is not always necessary to treat the entire volume.

The Evaporative cooling or natural air conditioning is a perfect alternative for treating this type of space. This is cool as Ocean Breeze by the principle of evaporative cooling (adiabatic). This HVAC system generates a continuous ventilation (air exchange) and does not require the indoors also is effective in almost every geography.


The water based cooling by evaporative systems is a sustainable solution since power consumption is minimal, it is natural solution with current technology.

The operation of this system is to take outside air and propel the humidified interior, in this process we reduce the air temperature to 15 ° C with a minimum consumption and heat drove inside the fresh air. We control and limit the temperature and humidity for comfort.

There are two types of solutions:

In Type 1 treatment area:

  • Global solutions of the entire volume: are solved with a fixed installation
  • Solutions Zone: Resolved with fixed or portable solution.

Type 2 According to the existing ventilation

  • Volumes with large existing ventilation Bio-air or by water spraying
  • Volumes without ventilation Bio-air

Advantages of natural air conditioning or Evaporative cooling:

  • Lowering the temperature between 5-12ºC.
  • It offers quality air without recirculating.
  • Does not dry the air.
  • Constant ventilation.
  • Global treatment or localized.
  • Solving minimum energy consumption.
  • No need enclosures.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • It does not use refrigerants.
  • Prevents odors.

Application examples: Entries Halls Hotels and offices, shopping centers, commercial buildings, educational facilities, sports halls, warehouses, churches, ..

Natural air conditioning
Natural air conditioning