Evaporative Cooling system

Evaporative Cooling system

Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative Cooling

 Evaporative Cooling systems


Cooling soultion by evaporative systems is today one of the most innovative and efficient solutions in the field of air conditioning for Dubai and UAE Local weather

The process of cooling by evaporation of water occurs naturally in a usual manner. The cool feeling when exiting a pool on a hot day, for example, is produced by this process bioclimatización.

Another clear example of the natural process of bioclimatización is starring the sea breeze.

The air stream, in contact with water, produces an evaporative air temperature decreases, giving it at the same humidity.This is, supersize features, the explanation of the phenomenon of bioclimatización.

Air Quality

Thus, evaporative systems create an atmosphere of comfort because the natural process of evaporation causes vary certain parameters necessary for air to be “quality”, ie:

• acts on air temperature, reducing

• Acts on the relative humidity, increasing to an optimum level for the health and comfort of people

• acts on the renewal of the air as it is not recirculated, is exchanged for new air filter and fresh.

• It works by creating a small overpressure, preventing entering their unit particles of dust, pollen, odors, etc. outside.

• It works by creating negative ions (which are good), and eliminating static electricity.

Advantages of Evaporative Systems

The advantages of the evaporative cooling systems are important in several aspects. For its operating system,evaporative are: Ecological, Economic and Healthy

It is ecological

From this point of view we can emphasize that this is a completely natural process, we only need the supply of water, which also returns to the atmosphere as vapor. Thus no use CFCs evaporative cooling gases or the like, which are so damaging to the environment.

Termigo natural

It is healthy

Bioclimatic teams constantly renew the air in the room, while eliminating excess temperature, pollution, fumes, odors, etc., replacing the stale air conditioned air, new, fresh and with the appropriate level of moisture to ensure the health of living things

It is economical

Evaporative systems are the most efficient on the market, since the cost of operation is 80% lower than conventional air conditioners. A reduction in the cost of operation is compounded by the fact that the climate of an area of ​​180 m² would have to install a machine.