Evaporative air conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning industrial buildings

Evaporative air conditioning industrial buildings

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Evaporative air conditioning
Evaporative air conditioning

Inadequate cooling produces heat in industries , not only affects the varying comfort of workers; directly affect productivity and efficiency.

Clearly it is not possible to obtain the same performance of a person developing its activity at 20 ° C to perform the same action continuously at 34. Most people are unaware that there are systems affordable cost and minimal maintenance that avoid the heat inside the ships.

Heat stress directly affects productivity

Prevention Act

Current legislation includes prevention of occupational hazards in its Annex III, the limits of the environmental conditions under which the work must be performed according to their degree of activity. These conditions are easy to meet in offices, for usually have a conventional air conditioning system, are not so in areas of production at industrial level, given the lack of alternatives.

In some sectors such as injection molding, ceramics, spinning, casting, etc., work in extreme temperature conditions, especially during the summer months, it is assumed and suffers as a condition of the job. In many cases reached levels of thermal stress and only then the need for a solution is assessed. However, various industries and sectors have solution and enjoy the benefit of having a comfort conditions in production jobs.


The means adopted to solve the excess heat in the industries to date have been several: the removal of the heat generated by outputs in the ridge of the roof; installing double tops that underpin the radiation generated by the sheet or corrugated iron and heat reflective paint on the decks. None of these methods is sufficient in days where the outside temperature is above 30C. The installation of traditional air conditioning systems on ships is not feasible for several reasons easily understood:

  • the power that is relevant and must install costly
  • space is difficult if not impossible to keep closed and the air is polluted indoors is recircularía generating poor quality of inhaled air

Dismissing this option, we can only air cooling with a really effective alternative system: innovative evaporative cooling systems.


With the new techniques of “evaporative cooling”, the warehouses get cool air ecologically and economically. Generating authentic air quality and thermal comfort ensuring; since there is constant ventilation in the spaces: since the air is not recirculated, but it is continually renewed. Evaporative cooling is just playing what nature provides us with what is called “Breeze Air Fresco “. The air coming from the sea is cooler because it has given temperature during contact with water by evaporating the water and get higher humidity. Through this system we can get cooler air to 12 ° C with the same cost of an electric fan and a water pump. Due to its principle of operation NATURAL recently are called innovative bio. Thus, cooling is accomplished by the air introduced into the area to be heated with the simple process of driving the outside air through a previously wetted panels, which by evaporating the water, the entire flow of cooled air with little effort energy.