Outdoor Cooling

Outdoor Cooling 

Bcooling is not a traditional air conditioning company, we are pioneer provider in dubai specialized thermal conditions influence the solution for outdoor, especially in open spaces and large volume, where traditional systems are not applicable for their limitations and cost.

Routinely, the air conditioning is applied to those sites where the volume of air is in some way captive by the architecture and design of the room. However, there are environments where people use for air renewal is inevitable because it is open space and unable to close, which are the sites of application of our solutions.

Bcooling is based in Dubai and provides solutions throughout the national territory with some international experience. It has a technical team and facility capacity for the implementation of projects to be executed.

The company also has a contract of exclusive distribution of Evaporative cooling products like air coolers, Outdoor Coolers, Evaporative Coolers, Industrial air coolers, Outdoor air cooler,outdoor patio gas heaters ,outdoor air conditioners, portable air conditioner and misting fans.That position to offer the best products and solutions for the domestic market.

The company also collaborates with various causes of protecting the natural environment and the environment.

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Sustainable Solutions

In a world spinning faster and faster we find that when someone says “this is not possible” someone across the globe makes it possible.
Bcooling micro climates is a company that brings everything into a world of new sustainable solutions that respect our environment.


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